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wellsite gas detector calgaryPayfinder has developed an all in one Gas Detector design, which has not only substantially reduced the size of the unit, for ease of installation and handling, it also makes transportation of the unit much easier and more efficient due to its decreased size. The new design has eliminated the need for almost daily maintenance that is required by other gas detectors.

With the removal of chemical dryer agents, the hardware is "plug and log". The design has removed connection points along the flow line that could have leaks that remove negative pressure from the system and dilute your gas readings. All connections are made in the shop and the unit simply needs to be plugged in. Payfinders hardware has been designed to not plug off when mud surges at the shale shaker, and it has been designed to resist freezing and humidity issues in extreme weather conditions, thereby avoiding freeze ups in every case.

With our reliable flow meter that has +/-0.8% accuracy reading, users can quickly and accurately determine changes in flow rate, for quick and reliable trouble shooting. Low flow readings would generally indicate a simple replacement of a disposable inline filter not unlike any other units, during the drilling of a well, but as you will find using our units; this is a very rare occurrence. Generally no maintenance will be required while drilling a well, unless your well lasts for well over 30 days.

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