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wellsite gas detector softwarePayfinder has developed a gas detection program that is easy to use that can be manipulated to suit specific drilling procedures, and customer preferences. The program is designed to present data in a way that is favorable to the user and provides options for the user. Collected data is saved in a data base and is recoverable once the program has finished logging the data.

The program includes:

  • Time and depth data display charts

  • Full alarms system

  • Auto connect to sensors and drilling recording system

  • Auto lag system uses real time stroke data from the drilling recorder system to properly lag gas data when stroke rates are changed or variable as compared to a fixed value software system

  • Two way communication with all hardware for trouble shooting

  • Remote access software

  • Many other options.

Detailed information on the program is provided in the User Manual.

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Office: 403.476.9568
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