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The technology of today has been incorporated into the design of the Payfinder all in one gas detector. The Payfinder unit has been classified by safety standards as class 1 division 2 and has removed the unnecessary and not to code electrical plugs that are located near the potential hazardous area of the shale shaker.

The filtration system has been revolutionized by using a maintenance free inertial by pass filter which has replaced the need for a cumbersome, high maintenance chemical filtration systems that is common place in previous gas detecting units on the market.

The fully digital analyzer system has been custom built not only to have a significantly reduced size with more sensors, but also with updated components to provide true data that is not deceiving to clients. Our standard unit has digitally temperature compensated, methane, propane, and pentane or optional CO2 readings. Configurations of sensors can be set up to customers request. The benefits of this design are numerous. Read more about the features of the Payfinder Gas Detector.

Data Accuracy

Payfinder all in one gas detector uses the best available sensors, pumps and flow meter on the market, to provide data that is accurate, unmanipulated, and consistent. Data is imported and logged directly from the sensors in our fully digital analyzer system. Data is not manipulated by the software.
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The Payfinder's improved hardware was designed with safety in mind. All components are rated class 1 Div 2. All electrical inlets are explosion proof attached to a 50ft extension line to attach to the rig electrical system away from the shale shakers to adhere to regulation safety standards.
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Designed for Geologists

Payfinder has developed an all in one Gas Detector design, which has not only substantially reduced the size of the unit, for ease of installation and handling, it also makes transportation of the unit much easier and more efficient due to its decreased size. The new design has eliminated the need for almost daily maintenance that is required by other gas detectors.
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Payfinder has developed a gas detection program that is easy to use that can be manipulated to suit specific drilling procedures, and customer preferences. The program is designed to present data in a way that is favorable to the user and provides options for the user.
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Payfinder staff and field hands provide quick service calls and billing. Any issue with the analyzers or hardware can be handled via remote access that is installed on all Payfinder computers. By using updated technology temperatures, efficiencies and hardware management can be maintained and monitored through "two way" communications ...
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Office: 403.476.9568
Toll Free: 1.888.527.9403
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