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Data Accuracy

wellsite geology gas detectorPayfinder all in one gas detector uses the best available sensors, pumps and flow meter on the market, to provide data that is accurate, unmanipulated, and consistent. Data is imported and logged directly from the sensors in our fully digital analyzer system. Data is not manipulated by the software.

With very little air volume in the system and reliable air pumps, the sample is almost immediately moved to the sensors. This improvement significantly decreases the mud gas reading delay found in typical systems currently on the market.

Mixing of your gas sample in large volume sample conditioning systems present in other detectors currently on the market, reduces the quality of data by reducing high readings liberated from particularly good reservoir rock, and showing better than actual readings in poorer quality reservoir. This particularly aids in the steering of horizontal drilling, and the identification of small payzones in vertical wells, particularly under fast paced drilling conditions.

Payfinder has replaced beater bars that wear down, which can provide erroneously low gas data. The beater bar trap has been replaced with a non wearable system that provides consistent gas liberation, which in turn provides consistent gas data from well to well. Our new patented efficient design, works using centrifugal force, and shear to liberated gas from the drilling mud.

Sensors are individually digitally temperature compensated, to ensure accurate and consistent data reading regardless of extreme weather conditions. The Payfinder design will not plug off with mud and has yet to freeze off, to reduce the probability of lost data. Sensors are calibrated regularly with test gas to provide consistency in data. Details and statistics of components can be provided upon request.

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